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On this page you can easily submit a request for quotation. Let us know more about your needs and we will respond as soon as possible. Please make urgent requests by phone. Please also let us know if you want the catering to be delivered to you, or if you want to pick up an order from the Punavuori or Kallio restaurant.

We also accept rolling orders for lunch or monthly / weekly meetings and events. Payment can be made upon pick-up or through invoice, payment term is 7 days net unless otherwise agreed. Rolling orders can be paid in advance or agreed separately. 

If you did not find a suitable option in our catering menu, feel free to inquire about other options. Basically, our catering service sells dishes that are on the restaurant’s menu, but we don’t necessarily list all the current options. As long as you tell us about your needs in the request for quotation, we will definitely be able to tell you more and help you out!

Please also tell us if there are special diets in the group. Through us, you can easily order vegan, dairy-free, gluten-free and nut-free food. When ordering, there is no need to know about special diets as long as the information is delivered no later than a few days before the event so we can prepare.