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In this blog, we will give the Coolios reading this the most important information and news about the restaurant. In the blog, we also talk about menu updates, special opening hours, the coronavirus and other interesting things. The purpose of the blog is to develop with time and the idea is to bring readers recipes, food tips and more generally talk about the background ideas and philosophy of our restaurant.

There will be articles on how to make a smoothie bowl, acai bowl, catering, vegan food and our staff’s thoughts on Green Hippo’s daily life. We welcome suggestions for blog content! You can send the proposal to

Over time, content will also come separately from our Kallio and Punavuori restaurants. As a reader, you have the opportunity to influence the content of the blog, so tell us what interests you the most! Want to read articles on avocado pasta, vegan recipes, or maybe find out how we make our famous granola? Or hear thoughts on setting up a restaurant and running the daily life at Hippo, perhaps on how to market a restaurant?

Tell us your opinion, otherwise there is a risk that we will write whatever comes to mind :-) The blog is updated over time, whenever there is time and hopefully as regularly as possible!

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