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Returning to Wolt

Updated: Apr 5, 2022

EDIT: The corona passport is no longer in use. The corona passport will be introduced in all our restaurants from 29.11. The passport is valid all day so we can offer alcohol after 5pm. Please have the passport ready and present it at the cashier before ordering for a smoother transaction. Thanks in advance for your help. The policy applies to all our customers over the age of 16 and is valid for as long as required.

We're back on Wolt! 🚗

Kana ja riisiannos, jossa on parsakaalia ja maapähkinävoita. Mainos, palaamme Woltiin.
Palaamme Woltiin 1.12 alkaen

We will return to Wolt after a break on the 1st of December. We are part of Huuva's virtual food court in Jätkäsaari, where customers can order dishes from Green Hippo and other restaurants. Our opening hours are Monday to Saturday from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. At Wolt, we offer our lunch and dinner bowls as well as pancakes. We are delighted to be able to cater to the strong demand on Wolt again. Takeaway from our restaurants is also possible as usual, please call in advance and we will prepare the food.

New item on the lunch and dinner menu

Our latest product, Epic Kale, a Kale and Tofu Salad, has been released. It is available in all our restaurants and also on Wolt. Epic Kale replaces the Barry's Special Goat Cheese Salad. We look forward to hearing feedback on the new dish.

Salaatti, jossa  Lehtikaali ja pinaattipohja limemajoneesilla, Jalotofu, avokado, manteli, parmesaani ja chilihiutaleet
Epic Kale - Kale and spinach base, lime-mayo, Jalotofu, avocado, almonds, parmesani, chilli flakes

The restaurants are open normally, please see opening hours and special opening hours for December below:

Opening hours(Punavuori, Kallio & Töölö)

Mon-Thu: 07.30-22 (Kitchen 21)

Fri: 07.30-22 (Kitchen 21)

Sat: 09-22 (Kitchen 21)

Sun: Punavuori & Töölö 09-16 (Kitchen 15)

Sun: Kallio 10-16 (Kitchen 15)

Special Opening Hours (Punavuori, Kallio & Töölö)

6.12: Closed

23.12: 07.30-14

24-26.12: Closed

27.12: 11-22

31.12: 07.30-14

1-2.1: Closed

3.1: 11-22

As it looks now, Punavuori is closed for the first two weeks of January due to renovations, more on that later. We wish everyone a safe and happy December, see you in the restaurants! 💚

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