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We are opening the restaurant on 1.6 at 07.30

IMPORTANT NEWS! We are re-opening the restaurant on 1.6 🥳🥳 We are really excited to see you all and to be able to open our terrace again 🤩💚 We have been working hard to ensure that everything will run not only faster and smoother than before but also according to all the guidelines set forth by authorities in order to ensure everyone’s safety.

We have expanded our terrace even more to ensure that everyone will have enough space while sitting outside. There will be 85-100 seats at any given time which means you can enjoy your food and drinks safely 🥑🥗🥂🍷

Inside, there will be 25 seats instead of 50 seats

We will have more shades on the terrace that also protect against rain since we can’t legally fit more than 25 people inside at the moment ⛱

The ordering process will be different than before. We will help you find a table, give you a menu and take your order and payment from the table. We are also working on an app that lets you order and pay straight from the table. This way, we can minimise queuing and keep everyone safe. We will try our best to make sure everything runs as smoothly as possible from the get-go, but please be patient in the first days while we get in to the groove again ☺️💚

Opening hours will be Monday-Thursday 0730-22, Friday 0730-23, Saturday 09-23, Sunday 09-17 🦛 🦛 🦛

We are currently exploring options to keep delivering food via Wolt as we know many people have been getting used to that. We might need to close Wolt for a moment while we work on getting the restaurant back up and running. We will keep you updated and will do our best to get Wolt up and running again as fast as possible 🚗 •

We are extremely happy to be able to open again and hope it’s going to be a great summer for everyone! Thank you for all the support during these difficult times, we are ready to rock again! 💚 See you soon!


Green Hippo Team

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