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Do we have a food philosophy?

Updated: Jan 28, 2021

Many restaurants classify themselves through the cuisine they serve or food philosophy of a particular country. There is Italian food, Chinese food, European food, tapas, fusion and the likes. We are also often asked what kind of style our concept represents? So do we have our own style or philosophy?

Many restaurants are founded by chefs. Usually, the menu offered is based on the chef’s own experiences or his or her identity. When we founded Green Hippo, we decided to choose a slightly different starting point. Our starting point is that every decision is genuinely made from the customer’s point of view and therefore we would try to correct some of the problems that we think exist in restaurants in general. In addition, this philosophy gives us a great way to make decisions in line with future trends, as we are not tied to a particular kitchen or philosophy that would force us to renew our entire concept as the world changes.

We thought there’s a lack of a restaurant in Punavuori and Helsinki that offers reasonably priced, beautiful and filling food, especially when it comes to restaurants with a vegetarian or vegan menu. In addition, we wanted to serve our customers from morning to night. We offer breakfast, lunch, dinner and brunch in the same restaurant, from Monday to Sunday. With regard to the menu, we took as a starting point that we do not want to exclude anyone and based on future trends, we decided to invest especially in vegetarian dishes and a gluten-free selection. However, it was also important to offer a lot of options for non-vegetarian or vegans. This has indeed attracted a wide variety of diners to the restaurant and we have noticed how many customers eat vegan food in the restaurant without thinking about it.

So our philosophy is simple - to offer a varied menu that helps you get rid of hunger at a reasonable price from morning to night every day. You will find us at Fredantori in Punavuori, where we have a 100-seat drinking terrace in summer. What’s more, you can now find us in Kallio, at Fleminginkatu 10. A summer terrace is in the works for Kallio.

Welcome to pop by!

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