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Important message about COVID19

As the government has instituted crisis legislation from today we feel obligated to do our part and change our operations as follows:

As demand for takeaway and deliveries have been surprisingly high (thank you for the support! 💓) we will not close down the restaurant entirely. We will, however, modify our opening hours.

Our opening hours until further notice are: Monday-Saturday 09-20, Sunday: Closed.

Starting from Wednesday 18.3, we will be serving food as take-away and via Wolt only. That means you can order your food via Wolt, by calling us or by making your order at the café. However, we will not be offering any eat-in options and all food will be packaged in take-away boxes. Our Wolt link can be found here and on our start page. Our phone number is 050 515 0157 and you can also find the number in our footer. Please also stay at home and order via Wolt if you are showing symptoms or have returned from abroad within the last 14 days or are part of a risk group.

We are being even more mindful with the hygiene in the restaurant and have instructed our staff to stay at home if showing the slightest symptoms of any kind of illness. Everyone is using hand sanitiser and following all guidelines set forth by authorities.

These changes will be in place until further notice.

Please tell your friends about the possibility to order take-away, as this will help us keep the lights on and continue our operations. In the meantime, keep staying healthy and awesome 💓


Green Hippo Team 🦛

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