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Updated: Sep 12, 2022

Awesome news! We are re-opening Green Hippo Punavuori and Green Hippo Kallio on Tuesday 20.4 at 07.30! 🥳 Can't wait to see everyone and enjoy what is hopefully going to be a great, warm and above all, healthy and safe summer with lots of food, drinks and friends! 💚💚

We are following the newest set of guidelines set forth by the authorities. In a nutshell that means:

  • 50 % of seats available inside

  • No alcohol available after 17.00

  • Eat-in option available until 19.00 (Wolt until 19.30)

  • 100 % of seats available on our outside terraces (read more below)

  • Same hygiene standards and safe queuing options as during the whole pandemic

A terrace, full of people eating. In the background, a pink building and some storefronts.
Are you as excited about this as we are? 👀

Please be mindful of other customers when queuing and try to queue or wait outside whenever possible. The staff will assist you with finding a table and menus. We will also have an app available for ordering straight from the table, more information available on our Instagram and home-page soon. In Punavuori there will be an outside cashier asap.


It's terrace time, baby 😎

We are building our not-quite-but-almost-legendary Punavuori terrace as we write and it's going to be bigger and better and thus safer than ever! There's capacity for over 100 people and room to spread out. Please stay inside the terrace borders (marked with trees and flowers) if moving tables. We will also have over 50 seats available in sunny Kallio this year! First 20 seats are already available and our parklet terrace will be built 26.4.

We will serve our full menu with the exception of two smoothie bowls from 20.4 onwards! Lunch hours are Monday-Friday 11-14.

We are constantly trying to improve out terraces and more than happy to hear your feedback on the terraces, the food, safety or anything else! You can send us feedback at!

Hope to see everyone at the terraces very soon! 💚💚 Below is a literal image of our team (Hilbert) when we get the first terrace pancakes of the year 🦛

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